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  1. Aims and objectives of Bal Bhavan how to write an narrative essay outline interesting impromptu speech topics – Goa.

To develop the latent talents in children through creativity and play.

 To expose the children to writing a conclusion for an essay various activities in the field of Science, Art, and Physical and Intellectual education and to supplement the school system by p работа москва roviding children with an environment conducive to creative thinking and activity.

 To be Creative resource centre for schools, educational institutes and other children of Goa.

  1. Mission/ Vision of Bal Bhavan Goa

To give opportunity and to develop their hidden talents and personality of children of Goa thereby giving them confidence to face the challenges.

  1. Brief History and Background of Establishment of Bal Bhavan – Goa.

Bal Bhavan is the brainchild of India’s first popular Prime Minister Late Pandit (Chacha) Jawaharlal Nehru.  Chacha Nehru’s ideas behind launching this movement was to provide purposeful and meaningful outlet to children’s creative and artistic skills inborn in them.  The National Bal Bhavan movement in India was started in 1956 in New Delhi.  The main trust is to enrich children’s inborn skills, nurse and nurture their interest in science, art, drama, music, environment and several topics, in an informal manner.  The Bal Bhavan movement has completed almost fifty eight years and spread in the states and union territories of India.

Bal Bhavan, an Institution for Children’s Movement was launched in  Goa at Lyceum Complex, Altinho, Panaji on the 26th January, 1986 with the help and sizzling hot deluxe игровые автоматы онлайн guidance of Late Smt. Mekhla Jha, the then Chairperson of National Bal Bhavan, by establishing an Autonomous Body fully patronized by Govt. of Goa on the parallel lines of National Bal Bhavan with the same aims and objectives.  Later on 14th February, 1996 Bal Bhavan, Panaji started functioning at its own prestigious new complex at Campal, Panaji.

This institution  is striving hard to search the latent talent in creative performing abilities of the children and develop in them the good hobbies, scientific temper with creativity and vision & to enable them to develop their all round personality and be the worthy citizen of our beloved country.  Bal Bhavan acts as an alternative medium for science, art, physical and intellectual education and to supplement the school system by providing children with an environment conducive to creative expression and creativity.

Bearing in mind the large number of population in Goa which is scattered in rural areas and that they can’t avail the facilities of Bal Bhavan – Panaji, Bal Bhavan tried to reach out to the rural children, by taking the Bal Bhavan activities to their very door step, by opening Bal Bhavan Kendras in different parts of Goa inorder to provide the children with equal opportunities.  So far Bal Bhavan has opened 37 Bal Bhavan Kendras and 6 sub-Bal Bhavan Kendras at different places in Goa.


List of activities provided for children in Bal Bhavan are as follows :


          • Drawing & Painting
          • Handicraft
          • Doll Making
          • Clay Modelling
          • Embroidery
          • Stitching, Paper Mache, Sketching Club



          • Harmonium
          • Tabla
          • Guitar
          • Violin
          • Folk Dance
          • Kathak
          • Bharatnatyam
          • Vocal
          • Drama
          • Choir Singing



          • Library
          • Poetry Writing
          • Short Story Writing
          • Skit / Novel Writing
          • Story/ Skit Presentation
          • Kavi Sammelan
          • Wall Paper Activities
          • Literary Club.



          • Preparation of Models
          • Science Park
          • Astronomy
          • Aquarium
          • Experiments & field trips
          • Science Club


  1. Organization Chart


  1. Main Activities / functions of Bal Bhavan – Goa

a)   To inculcate in children a scientific temper and the spirit to challenge, experience, innovate and create.

b)   To develop new creative teaching methods and educational kit in art, science and museum technique for broadening the cultural horizons of school, teachers and children.

c)    To encourage the latent talent of children in creative art, performing art, creative science and creative writing.

d)   To act as an informal medium to expose the children in the field of Science , Art, Physical and Intellectual education and to supplement the school system in providing children with an environment conducive to creative thinking and activity.

e)    To act as State Training Resource Centre for Creative & Performing Arts.

f)     To make available to the State of Goa, a prototype comprehensive children’s institution for free learning experience in Creative & Performing Art.

g)    To spread and galvanise the Bal Bhavan movement by opening Bal Bhavan Kendras to cater to the needs of large number of children in the State and in the rural and  urban areas of Goa.

h)   To be Creative Resource Centre for Schools, Educational Institutions and Children.

i)     To offer guidance and learning facilities to schools in order to develop leadership and Creativity among the students through special training courses, workshops, demonstrations, seminars etc.

j)     To inculcate in children a scientific temper and spirit to challenge, experiment innovative and create.

k)   To act as a State Training Centre for creative education through learning by doing workshops for parents and adults and teachers.

l)     To act as an alternate medium for science, arts, physical and academic education and to supplement the school system by providing children with a

free environment conducive to creative expression and activities.

m)To reach out through Bal Bhavan to every child, including the socially backward, with natural learning experience.  Also to prepare children creativity for vocational stream and self employment skills for their future.

n)   To initiate massive greening projects by children and environmental awareness programmes with a bid to conserve, preserve and nurture environment and maintain all round eco-balance.

o)   To organize and popularise children’s movement in Rural Areas.

p)   To start Bal Bhavan Kendras in institutions for handicapped and to develop and extend training, resource materials, kits and exhibitions.

q)   To produce and present children’s programmes  through mass media.

r)    To develop and organize National Exhibitions for children and Inter State Exchange Programmes between State Bal Bhavans.

s)    To encourage the children to be self reliant and disciplined and make them realize the importance of dignity of labour by introducing various programmes in local craft.

t)     To undertake any work entrusted by Govt. of Goa to Bal Bhavan pertaining to children’s institutions.


  1. List of services being provided by Bal Bhavan, Goa.

The Bal Bhavan Goa conducts the following activities in Creative Art, Performing Art, Creative Writing, Innovative Science etc.

  1. Short term courses in Drawing/Painting
  2. Examination Centre of Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Miraj
  3. Organises orientation courses/workshops in Creative Art, Performing Art & Creative Writings in Bal Bhavan Panaji and all Bal Bhavan Kendras in Goa
  4. Regularly conducting activities in Performing Art, Creative Art, Creative Writing and Creative Science.
  5. Training in Drawing Grade Examination (Elementary and Intermediate of Maharashtra Board)



I)             Bal Bhavan Panaji

a)   Regular Activities :

Registration Fees                 :         Rs. 10/-

Badge                                     :         Rs. 10/-

Membership fees per          :         Rs. 80/- Month

b)   Special Activities:

Registration Fees                :         Rs. 10/-

Violin/Computer Badge     :         Rs. 10/-

Membership fees per         :         Rs. 100/- Month

II)           Bal Bhavan Kendras

a)   In Urban Areas

Registration Fees               :         Rs. 5/-

Badge                                   :         Rs. 5/-

Membership fees per        :         Rs. 50/-Month

c)    In Rural areas

Registration Fees              :         Rs. 5/-

Badge                                  :         Rs. 5/-

Membership fees per       :         Rs. 20/-Month

Besides above, Bal Bhavan also has institutional membership for schools, i.e. Rs. 1,000/- per school per annum and are eligible to send maximum 50 children in the Bal Bhavan twice a week in the afternoon session and Bal Bhavan shall charge only I-card fee of Rs. 10/-  to these 50 children and shall provide them with the required material, equipment for the drawing, painting, craft and also teach them two activities of their choice.

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