1. To encourage the latent talent of children in Creative Performing Art.
  2. To act as an informal medium to expose the children in the field of Science , Art, Physical and Intellectual education to supplement the school system in providing children with an environment conducive to creative thinking and activity.
  3. To act as State Training Resource Centre for creative & Performing Arts.
  4. To make available to the State of Goa, a prototype comprehensive children’s institution for free learning experience in Creative & Performing Art.
  5. To spread and galvanise the Bal Bhavan movement by opening Bal Bhavan Kendras to cater to the needs of large number of children in the State and in the rural and  urban areas of Goa.
  6. To be Creative Resource Centre for Schools, Educational Institutions and Children.
  7. To offer guidance and learning facilities to schools in order to develop leadership and Creativity among the students through special training courses, workshops, demonstrations, seminars etc.
  8. To inculcate in children a scientific temper and spirit to challenge, experiment innovative and create.
  9. To act as an alternate medium for science, arts, physical and academic education and to supplement the school system by providing children with a free environment conducive to creative expression and activities.
  10. To reach out through Bal Bhavan to every child, including the socially backward, with natural learning experience.  Also to prepare children creativity for vocational stream and self employment skills for their future.
  11. To initiate massive greening projects by children and environmental awareness programmes with a bid to conserve, preserve and  nurture environment and maintain all round eco-balance.
  12. To organise and popularise children’s movement in rural Areas.
  13. To start Bal Bhavan Kendras in institutions for handicapped and to develop and extend training, resource materials, kits and exhibitions.
  14. To produce and present children’s programmes  through mass-media.
  15. To develop and organise National Exhibitions for children and Inter State Exchange Programmes between State Bal Bhavans.
  16. To encourage the children to be self reliant and disciplined and make them realise the importance of dignity of labour by introducing various programmes in local craft.
  17. To undertake any work entrusted by Govt. of Goa to Bal Bhavan pertaining to children’s institutions.