Going back to the unique jade land is the afternoon, the day-to-night search for water and the restraint of the wolf, so that the first grandfather suddenly reached the age of hundreds, the beard was dry and sparse, but stretched a lot overnight. When he was on the slope of eight and a half years, he felt that he would fall down like a tree without roots, and rested on the beam and rested on the beam. The blind dog came to his eyes.
  He saw that the hot tongue spit out was full of cracked mouth, but in the dead eye socket, there were two pools of gray water. The dog cried. It is not step by step to the front of the prince. It heard the weak footsteps, smelled the cool water, 070-673and swayed against the water and the beam. When it was three steps and five steps from the prince, it slammed into the ground. I can’t move anymore.
  Climb over, the first master said the blind, I can’t walk in one step.
  The blind dog climbed two steps, 70-499and did not move like a dead, but the tears in the eyelids became more and more arrogant.
  I know that you are thirsty and hungry, and the first master said that he can live.
  The dog did not say anything and blinked at the sun.
  My grandfather was a cold-hearted man, and he was busy saying that Yuxi had died. 070-496The blind dog lowered his head, and the tears of Wang Man’s two tears fell on the beam.
  He walked over to the jade, and took the burden, kicking the hot red dust under his feet one by one, and when he went down to the side of the scaffolding, he heard a loud noise. In the fierce daylight, the leaves of the jade are no longer green, and even the original white gluten has become a dry yellow coke. When it was over, the first man thought that Yuxi was dead, and the water he picked back could not save it. It’s not that you have defeated the wolves, 070-331the first master said, it’s the wolves who have defeated your lord. They know that Yuxi died before turning around and withdrawing. They are not at all intended to swallow your ancestors, they stay with you for one night in order to kill this jade.
  An old sorrowful rain drenched him all over his body. He completely squatted between the thoughts, and the mud was going to flow in the fields along the hook. When he was about to fall to the ground, he looked at the top of the jade, and in the top of the dry leaf, a drop of green cockroaches slammed into his gaze.
  Will bear the burden, the first master went to the jade tree and walked over.
The top of the jade is still alive, and in the hot daylight, there is still a touch of green color. Open a piece of jade leaf, and see many places on the back of the leaf, as the silk is as thin as green, and the hemp is like a star-like cloth in the gap of the dry spot. The curved ribs, as well as a trace of moisture, slowly and slowly flow in the ribs.
  The prince walked quickly toward the beam. The first step took a few steps, and then turned back and took a bowl. He took a bowl of water on the beam and placed it in front of the blind dog’s mouth. He said that the jade was still alive, and he finished the bowl and returned it. Just took a bucket of water and returned to the front of the jade. He sipped a sip of water on the bucket, pulled the top of the jade to the front of the mouth, and sprayed the green spray toward the rain. Immediately, in the sunlight of the yellow coke, the green water is flowing. On the red iron plate-like daylight, the water droplets ejected by the prince fell, and the sound of a white squeak sounded out. Not waiting for the drops of water to fall on the field, the sun gorged the water. On the top of the jade, a spray of seven saliva, the following seven days and seven nights of heavy rain, washed the top of the roof, after a little old green out of the original flashing tender color, the first master put the bucket under the jade, Wash the jade leaves with a bowl of water. He placed the bowl under the leaves to be washed, so that the picked up water fell into the water bowl, and the bowl could not be caught in the bucket. The dripping sound of the music slammed on a thick and strong radiance. He washed the leaves from the leaves and washed them until the fourth leaf. He saw the blind dog returning from the beam with the bowl. Put the bowl under the scaffolding, and it came over the edge of the first leg. Did the first man say that he was still thirsty? There was a spring, even though he was drinking. The blind dog shook his head at him and touched the front paws to the leaves of the jade.
  The first master said that the leaves are still alive, and you relax your heart.
  The dog lay down on the legs of the first master, and the expression on his face was soft and stretched.