Creative writing and story telling are important activities which are given importance in Bal Bhavan. It is also one of the categories in which the National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi gives recognition to talented children. Bal Bhavan periodically conducts workshops, interactive sessions and contests in literary categories like, story writing, essay writing, poetry writing/recitation, creative writing etc. to bring out this talent amongst the children. These sessions are conducted at all the Bal Bhavan Centres.

Prominent resource persons as well as our active Board members have conducted numerous workshops in this field. A Literary club has been started for this purpose, for which non members/students from other school have also been enrolled.

A well-equipped Library, containing books in English, Konkani, Hindi and Marathi can be found at the Bal Bhavan Complex, Campal. Children can be seen engrossed in books magazines, newspaper and encyclopedia etc. Regular story telling sessions and book reading activities are also conducted. Around 3000 children’s book, comics and magazines and also publications can be found in this library. Since there is no scope to establish libraries at our centres, the in-charges can borrow whatever books which may be of interest to the children from their areas and circulate them at their respective centres. Sets of booksare lent to them on a monthly rotation basis so that all the Kendras can keep exchanging a particular set of books until all the sets have been circulated in all 29 centres.