Drawing and Painting forms part of art. Every child right from the age of 5 upto 16 yrs. have a creative urge that they need to express on paper or other mediums.At Bal Bhavan, we cater to their creative needs, in an informal atmosphere, i.e. they are not bound by the classroom structure. Each individual is catered on one -to -one basis. Children of all ages are admitted at a time, giving the teacher more space and individual attention.
Craft is a full fledged activity at Panaji and all other centres. Children can express themselves in any medium from paper, magazine paper, card board, thermacole, wood, broomsticks, match sticks, handmade paper, empty cartons, waste and discarded materials, bottles, sticks and stones too are put to good use to produce either utility items or artisticones. Children here are taught to measure, cut, paste, bind and basically create items of their choice like wallhanging, paper bags, book binding, envelops, Pen/Pencil holders, Mobiles, Collages, Fancy items, Dolls, Puppets,Masksand toys etc.
Clay Modelling is another very interesting and attractiveactivity for the children. Here, they learn to dabble withthe 3-dimensional medium. Children love to play with mud right from their infant stages and here they are actually encouraged to use it. With clay,one can mould, shape, sculpt, add, substract, any oftheirchoicest subject/theme. They are guided to prepare items through play way method where in they begin by making simple birds and toys. Using basic shapes and fusing them together to form shapes. Later, they are taught the cylinder method,coil method, and plate method to prepare complex objects,through basic shapes and methods.