Science Park A well established Science Park having total thirty science play models can be found at the Bal Bhavan. Some of the important science play models are Principal of Lever, Floating Bird, Revolving Periscope and Newton's Third law

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Creative writing and story telling are important activities which are given importance in Bal Bhavan. It is also one of the categories in which the National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi gives recognition to talented children. Bal Bhavan periodically conducts workshops, interactive sessions and contests in literary categories like, story writing,…

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Computer Training

Bal Bhavan also caters to children who want to learn to be computer savvy. It has a computer section in which children right from the age 5 enroll, and they are taught the basics of the computer like different parts and through practicals. They are taught creation of file, saving,…

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Performing Arts

1.  Dance (Folk / Kathak / Bharatanatyam)  2.  Instruments Tabla   Harmonium Guitar 3. Vocals Under the guidance of well qualified teachers as well as traditional Gurus, this musical instrument have been kept very much alive by the Bal Bhavan Kendras. Besides this, our Instructors too undergo many Teachers Training…

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Creative Arts

Drawing and Painting forms part of art. Every child right from the age of 5 upto 16 yrs. have a creative urge that they need to express on paper or other mediums.At Bal Bhavan, we cater to their creative needs, in an informal atmosphere, i.e. they are not bound by the classroom…

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